Top 5 Design Tips for Designing a Catalogue or Brochure

1. Establish clear objectives (before starting the process)

Brochure or Catalogue Design

Before starting your catalogue design, establish clear objectives on what you want this catalogue or brochure to achieve. Examples might be to launch a new product, increase sales or customers, create awareness of a new sales promotion, or general branding of your business. Once you know your main objectives, you can then be certain of exactly what your catalogue or brochure design needs to achieve.

For example, if the objective of your catalogue design is to launch a new sales promotion, ensure the most prominent parts of your catalogue should be your promotional offer (50% off sale), how customers can take advantage of this offer (buy online now or come to our store today), create a sense of urgency (hurry! limited time only) and a strong call-to-action (phone us now).

2. WIIFM (What's in it for me?)

The golden rule of any marketing collateral is WIIFM (What's in it for me). Not you - the business - but for your customers. Your customers or potential customers will only be interested in your business if something benefits them. Whether they are already in the market for your products, or you're offering a discount on a service that they have been considering. Bottom line is, if your catalogue or brochure has more than two sentences in a row of "We offer this..." or "We have..." etc., that will not be enticing enough to your audience.