Online Catalogue Design Strategies

Catalog printing has now steadily been giving way to online catalogs. With more and more market opportunities shifting towards the online market place it is only prudent to switch from the physical kind of catalog printing to the online kind of catalog media. Do not worry about this shift however, since a lot of the things that apply to physical catalog templates also apply to online catalogs as well. The medium may have changed, but the content and style is still the same. You just need to adjust the aspects a bit so that the online catalog can become more effective as an online tool.

In this article we will give you a few simple tips on strategies that you can use for your own online catalogs.

Large professional images – The first and important strategy for online catalogs, is actually a catalog printing classic. You have to display large and professional images of your products and services. People are very visual about the things they buy and catalogs are the epitome of of this sales paradigm. You have to make people like what they see, so this means your catalog images should be the best that you can offer. So hire a professional photographer to take images of all of your products for your online catalog. This can even double as images for your catalog printing as well. More or less however, good and well framed photographs that are set to emphasize the great qualities of your products is a standard and important strategy for catalogs. So do not forget about it. This should actually be your first step in creating an online catalog.

Quick but descriptive blurbs – Next we get to the writing. While pictures give people that initial attraction, content must follow through with some pertinent details. This is where “blurb” writing kicks in. Blurbs are those small descriptions about things that should help you figure out what that thing is all about. Now, while this may sound simple, it is actually an art form unto itself. You have to write something inviting, and detailed within a set number of spaces and words for it to be effective. Anything longer than three or four lines may not be the most effective catalog blurb to use. So for the best strategy for your catalog writing, it is best to hire a professional writer as well. For online catalogs, this is doubly important since most online searches use important key terms for displaying a page. So it is good to employ an expert online writer for your catalog. There are a lot of freelance online writers out there which should be apt for this situation.

Fast and Easy ordering process – Also, in your actual online catalog, always have a streamlined and easy to use payment process. Customers can really get turned off if the payment process exceeds a few minutes to accomplish. They want to understand the payment scheme easily, but it must also be said in a way that it does not get too boring and legalistic. Ask your web developer in creating an easy two step process of payment with quick and accessible fields so that people can have an easy time paying for the things they see in the catalog. Of course it is best to have a quick “buy now” link with the product picture to help expedite the process as well.

Print supplemental paper catalogs – Lastly, while you do have an online catalog, it is also good to print catalogs as well physically. This means investing in real catalog printing using an online printer. Supplemental catalogs are still very effective, and people actually like browsing through products without waiting a few seconds for a page to upload. So make sure you have a “send me a catalog by snail mail” option in your online catalog, so that people can opt-in to receive your catalog by mail as well.

Use these strategies well when you create your online catalog. By integrating this into your online catalog development you should be well assured that your potential customers will have a good time browsing your online and print catalogs. Hopefully this will generate the sales that can get your business to succeed.